The word “school” may evoke for some people not very positive associations when remembering their school days. But the educational system is for sure of major importance as it is where the future begins.

Times are changing and so has the school system too.

“Teach the future” is a network of people passionate about the future. They have created an online platform where advising schools how to incorporate future thinking into their curriculum, supplying free teaching materials and organising student workshops on this topic. The purpose of “Teach the Future” is to integrate future orientated thinking in primary and secondary schools. In this way, students are empowered to handle the quick changes, a feature of our times, but also to become more aware of oneself and to the others in order to facilitate living together. According to Erica Bol, the founder of “Teach the Future”, future thinking is a “life skill”. Not thinking in the restrictions from now, but to see all possibilities by applying a pro-active strategy. This helps to reduce fear and give a feeling of awareness, empowerment and hope. The first meeting ot Teach the Future will be on 17th June, 2017 in Antwerp. The next meeting is planned for Oct./Nov. 2017 in the Netherlands, other meetings in the rest of Europe are already in planning.

But not only “what” is important for teaching but also “where” has a mayor impact. Designers are looking for possibilities how to make learning more fun and efficient.  Finnish designers Klaus and Elina Aalto have created the “New School Helsinki” which will be presented this year in Taiwan at Taipei, the World Design Capital 2016, at the International Design House Exhibition. New School Helsinki includes a fuzzy and colourful miniature city with smart building, adaptable interiors, solutions to improve indoor air and virtual school experiences.

Non scholae sed vitae – We do not learn for school but for life.



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