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BALANCE is a word which will definitely dominate our life in the future. An overwhelming offer of literally EVERYTHING threatens us to throw us out of balance. Therefore products and services with focus on balance will have an advantage in marketing. „Work-life-balance“ is already for years an eager discussed topic and still continues with always


Sure, now with Christmas approaching romantic films are more popular than ever. But also during the rest of the year romanticism is getting its fair share. Romanticism is a counter-trend to the futuristic hero sceneries on the other side. Originally an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement originated in Europe toward the end of the


“It’s a dog’s world” – also online at Four & Sons. Ok, the website is actually for the dog owner, but all the topics of the worlds of art, photography, music or literature are inspired by the human’s best friend. Pets in general and dogs in particular are playing an increasingly important role in our


„Get Lost“ is the latest adventure experience offered by travel company Black Tomato. The travelers can chose between different types of environment (jungle, dessert or polar) and how lost and disconnected they want to be. The UK and US-based company sets up training sessions upon arrival, partnered with what3words to help guests reach specific checkpoints, and monitors


Handicap refers in this post to physical impairment. Previously disabilities got hidden or were even the reason for exclusion in certain sectors. But over the last years there has been an amazing change because of technology and design. DEZEEN, one of the leading design and architecture blogs is featuring regularly new developments in the field


“Hometel” –  the combination of HOME and HOTEL – is having a great revival now. Originally popular in the 20ies in New York it has become a worldwide trend of living due to our nomadic lifestyle. Leading hoteliers are teaming up with real estate developers to offer “Hometels”, luxury residential properties  that enable the owners


The cosmetic line DOVE made headlines when they started their campaign for Real Beauty in 2004 where “real” women where featured instead of photoshopped models. More than ten years later Taryn Brumfitt made a documentary “Embrace” about the transformation of her body – from bodybuilder to an “everyday” physique. Her confession of how difficult it was


The Italian magazine IO DONNA is organising an event “canta che ti passa” (sing and everything will be fine).  The point is to support and enhance wellness through singing and art. Under the guidance of the soprano Madelyn Renee the participants use their voice to liberate and detox one’s psyche. No experience is requested. It