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Roots are becoming more and more important. In times of globalisation people are starting to ask themselves „Where are my roots?“. To stay grounded in an always faster moving world, a rooted attitude is also of great help. This creates a growing demand of products associated with roots. Root vegetables are fashionable again, and not


At the beginning digital devices and apps promised us that by applying them, all tasks will be sorted out swiftly and on its own. Well, it’s true in certain cases but there is still a whole bunch of duties for which no time is left in our fully packed schedule. Therefore why not sourcing it

Golden Age

The image and the status of the 50+ agers is changing completely. Gone are the days when the only perspective was the retirement. The US-copmany WOOLN is employing only senior knitters, all retirees living in New York, for creating their luxurious hand-made fashion collection. It’s a win-win situation for both sides with the aim at


“I nuovi principi” (“the new princes”) was the theme from the latest Dolce & Gabbana Show at the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. Perfect title for the models, who were not from model agencies but bloggers, influencers, and also famous offspring. According to designer Stefano Gabbana, they wanted their collection to be presented by ordinary


Maria Grazia Chiuri is making headlines not only for being the first female creative director at DIOR but also with her collection showing the slogan “We should all be feminists”. The inspiration came from Adichie, who has written and talked extensively in the past about a feminist’s right to appreciate fashion. Her essay and related


Thanks to emojis we can communicate online our emotions in a second and we became much more used to express feelings. So emotions became an open topic not only online but also offline. “State of Emotion” is the title of the second state festival in Berlin, 3-6th Nov. 2016. The program offers various interactive and


The word “school” may evoke for some people not very positive associations when remembering their school days. But the educational system is for sure of major importance as it is where the future begins. Times are changing and so has the school system too. “Teach the future” is a network of people passionate about the