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Short stories about what will influence us, what we will like and why.


Guerilla Architects is an international collective of architects with focus on the forgotten and unused resources of our cities. Founded in 2012 in London, it is now based in Berlin, Göttingen and Sofia and aims for unconventional and subversive transformations of public spaces. With the project „mehr wert“ Guerilla Architects created a temporary waste-free restaurant.


BALANCE is a word which will definitely dominate our life in the future. An overwhelming offer of literally EVERYTHING threatens us to throw us out of balance. Therefore products and services with focus on balance will have an advantage in marketing. „Work-life-balance“ is already for years an eager discussed topic and still continues with always


Satoru Tamura (photo) is the 2017 winner of the International Light Art Award. This award was initiated two years ago by the Centre for International Light Art UNNA and the RWE Foundation and is meant to encourage artists to explore light as medium and to put emphasis on sustainability and new technologies. Instead the Darc


Sure, now with Christmas approaching romantic films are more popular than ever. But also during the rest of the year romanticism is getting its fair share. Romanticism is a counter-trend to the futuristic hero sceneries on the other side. Originally an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement originated in Europe toward the end of the


The above drawing is from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, best known for his scrap-wood furniture and shows the beginning of his cooperation with IKEA. His “Jassa Collection” will consist of several furniture pieces and decorative objects and will be launched in March 2018. Cooperations like this have become already common since Karl Lagerfeld created


“It’s a dog’s world” – also online at Four & Sons. Ok, the website is actually for the dog owner, but all the topics of the worlds of art, photography, music or literature are inspired by the human’s best friend. Pets in general and dogs in particular are playing an increasingly important role in our


„Get Lost“ is the latest adventure experience offered by travel company Black Tomato. The travelers can chose between different types of environment (jungle, dessert or polar) and how lost and disconnected they want to be. The UK and US-based company sets up training sessions upon arrival, partnered with what3words to help guests reach specific checkpoints, and monitors