Satoru Tamura (photo) is the 2017 winner of the International Light Art Award.

This award was initiated two years ago by the Centre for International Light Art UNNA and the RWE Foundation and is meant to encourage artists to explore light as medium and to put emphasis on sustainability and new technologies.

Instead the Darc Award is getting selected every year from architectural point of view.

Austrian lightening specialist ZUMTOBEL played an important part in the design of the new Louvre Abu Dhabi. French star architect Jean Nouvel has created this magical oasis of light with a giant circular dome with a diameter of 180 metres.  The ornamental ceiling structure filters the sunlight during the day and generates a rich series of lighting effects. When the sun goes down, the lighting system takes over.  Zumtobel achieved this impression by creating CHROMOSOME light, a customised solution designed specifically for the unique giant dome.

Light is widening its application spectrum from lightening, to art and also therapeutic purposes.

Consider buildings that are as much about poetry and complexity, as they are about function and familiarity.

Consider retail outlets that woo us with light, win us with sound, movement and culture than with commerce, product and value for money propositions.

Light creates an ambience that has less to do with the material and more with a feeling.

The Dark Ages are no more. Re-EnLIGHTenment is here.


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