BALANCE is a word which will definitely dominate our life in the future. An overwhelming offer of literally EVERYTHING threatens us to throw us out of balance. Therefore products and services with focus on balance will have an advantage in marketing.

„Work-life-balance“ is already for years an eager discussed topic and still continues with always new aspects according to our changing lifestyle.

The expression „balance” is used in all different areas of our life, be it for holidays as Hotel Balance, or Body Balance for physical wellness, the Balance Acadamy for professional training, mineral water branded „Balance“ and also sneakers offer to keep us balanced with the name New Balance. The new trend sport aerial yoga shows also how much fun it can be to keep your balance and fit at the same time.

When writing about balance, of course also the short-animation directed by German brothers Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, has to be mentioned. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short has as topic how a society has to be in balance in order to survive.

Good inspiration to keep balance!


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