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Guerilla Architects is an international collective of architects with focus on the forgotten and unused resources of our cities. Founded in 2012 in London, it is now based in Berlin, Göttingen and Sofia and aims for unconventional and subversive transformations of public spaces. With the project „mehr wert“ Guerilla Architects created a temporary waste-free restaurant.


Satoru Tamura (photo) is the 2017 winner of the International Light Art Award. This award was initiated two years ago by the Centre for International Light Art UNNA and the RWE Foundation and is meant to encourage artists to explore light as medium and to put emphasis on sustainability and new technologies. Instead the Darc

Street Art

MUCA  is Germany’s first museum of urban art, installed in a former substation on nearly 2,000 square meters and opened in December 2016. The influence and fascination of street art is continuously growing for decades already. The bold and colourful expression and the air of „illegal activity“ creates a special flair around street art. English