Street Art

MUCA  is Germany’s first museum of urban art, installed in a former substation on nearly 2,000 square meters and opened in December 2016.

The influence and fascination of street art is continuously growing for decades already. The bold and colourful expression and the air of „illegal activity“ creates a special flair around street art.

English artist Banksy became one of the first big names of street art, creating also an exhibitation at the Bristol City Museum and making the film „Exit through the gift shop“.

Nowadays agencies are already taking care of the best street artists and organising collaborations. Check out Common Walls, Inoperable Gallery or Rabbit Eye Movement Art Space.

Street art is used also in other areas to create a unique and vivid atmosphere.

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott used street art from Rime for his women’s wear collection MOSCHINO. Although without checking beforehand with the street artist, what ended in a legal debate about the using rights.

The owner of the famous Michelin-starred restaurant Amass in Copenhagen avoided these problems and hiring on purpose for  the wall decoration the street artists Soten, Spak and Emil Heinsen.

The influence and fascination of street art & fashion will continue to grow. Therefore, watch out …


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