At the beginning digital devices and apps promised us that by applying them, all tasks will be sorted out swiftly and on its own. Well, it’s true in certain cases but there is still a whole bunch of duties for which no time is left in our fully packed schedule. Therefore why not sourcing it out? The good, old butler is making a big come back, but of course, in an up-dated 21st century version. Nowadays we are used to share everything, therefore it ‘s getting more and more “normal” to have somebody external completing even one’s personal tasks. How to enjoy one’s “work-life balance” has become a key question and matching this booming service sector called “lifestyle management”.

Nina Wolf, (logo picture), based in Vienna/Austria is offering with her agency a whole range of services for every aspect of your life. Office, home, family, travel, events …  sometimes there are simply too many things at once to complete.

In the UK, the most well-known country for butlers, are also the roots of Quintessentially, the leading international luxury lifestyle company. Launched in 2000 as a small London based concierge service, Quintessentially Lifestyle has experienced a complete transformation in a decade, and currently have offices in over 60 cities around the world. There credo is „QUINTESSENTIALLY IS SELLING TIME, THE ONE THING WE ALL LACK. BUT IT IS ALSO THE HARDEST THING TO GIVE SOMEONE.”

Although there is an outcry that computers are taking over human working tasks, we see also a major trend to individual service, where human contact is highly appreciated and requested. In an ever more hectic and complex life, we cannot manage all daily tasks by ourselves. It’s so nice to have somebody to rely on. And it’s a person who makes the difference.

At your service. :-)


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