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The above drawing is from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek, best known for his scrap-wood furniture and shows the beginning of his cooperation with IKEA. His “Jassa Collection” will consist of several furniture pieces and decorative objects and will be launched in March 2018. Cooperations like this have become already common since Karl Lagerfeld created


“It’s a dog’s world” – also online at Four & Sons. Ok, the website is actually for the dog owner, but all the topics of the worlds of art, photography, music or literature are inspired by the human’s best friend. Pets in general and dogs in particular are playing an increasingly important role in our


The Austrian packaging company VPZ became National Champion at the European Business Awards 2016/17 and got the „Green Product Award 2016“ for their innovative and bio-degradable packaging solutions. Bettina Reichl, the owner,  got inspired during a visit to Vietnam by their natural wrapping materials, such as banana leaves. Another Austrian company,  JAUSNWRAP,  is using cotton


“Hometel” –  the combination of HOME and HOTEL – is having a great revival now. Originally popular in the 20ies in New York it has become a worldwide trend of living due to our nomadic lifestyle. Leading hoteliers are teaming up with real estate developers to offer “Hometels”, luxury residential properties  that enable the owners


At the beginning digital devices and apps promised us that by applying them, all tasks will be sorted out swiftly and on its own. Well, it’s true in certain cases but there is still a whole bunch of duties for which no time is left in our fully packed schedule. Therefore why not sourcing it

Golden Age

The image and the status of the 50+ agers is changing completely. Gone are the days when the only perspective was the retirement. The US-copmany WOOLN is employing only senior knitters, all retirees living in New York, for creating their luxurious hand-made fashion collection. It’s a win-win situation for both sides with the aim at


“I nuovi principi” (“the new princes”) was the theme from the latest Dolce & Gabbana Show at the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. Perfect title for the models, who were not from model agencies but bloggers, influencers, and also famous offspring. According to designer Stefano Gabbana, they wanted their collection to be presented by ordinary


Maria Grazia Chiuri is making headlines not only for being the first female creative director at DIOR but also with her collection showing the slogan “We should all be feminists”. The inspiration came from Adichie, who has written and talked extensively in the past about a feminist’s right to appreciate fashion. Her essay and related


„Everyone is a designer“, at least according to wefactory.  On this do-it-yourself platform one can buy furniture designs with materials, tools and step-by-step instructions. As a result one gets not only a designer furniture piece but learns also manual skills. Self-made has become a status symbol. Due to the critical view at the origins of a