“I nuovi principi” (“the new princes”) was the theme from the latest Dolce & Gabbana Show at the Men’s Fashion Week in Milan.

Perfect title for the models, who were not from model agencies but bloggers, influencers, and also famous offspring. According to designer Stefano Gabbana, they wanted their collection to be presented by ordinary people who have become famous thanks to the web.

Opening the show was Internet sensation Cameron Dallas, who boasts 17.4 million followers on Instagram, 5.2 million on YouTube, and his own Netflix show titled Chasing Cameron.

Influencer marketing represents the shift from ad-powered marketing to people-powered marketing.

Zalando has launched the marketing platform where brands and influencers can meet and match up for collaborations. With the help of various search criteria one can chose the best matching influencer. Unique to this platform is that the companies and the bloggers are getting directly in touch with each other without going through an agency. The inspiration for this platform got Zalando in the US where Theshelf and Tapinfluence are already market leaders in this field.

Because of all this overload of information and continuously changing lifestyle situations, people look for individuals to orientate themselves. No more perfection is the goal but how to have fun and live a good life. Bloggers are showing with their stories and pics a cool  way of living what inspires their followers. With their individuality, originality and authenticity their messages are convincing at a much higher rate than any advertisement. Therefore companies will chose this channel for communicating with their customers.

Humans connect to each other, an eternal law.


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