After smoothies, green tea and similar “magic” drinks, finally water has been “discovered” as the ultimate drink for health and beauty. Only logical, as the human body contains an average of 70% water. On the other side, we are living a life, where technical appliance as computers, heating, etc. are dehydrating us and therefore our body has to be topped up with water.

Premium bottled water products are making their way into upscale food stores and concept stores worldwide. Thought to have antioxidant properties and to be rich of vitamins, they are in the spotlight and gaining popularity. Filtered, cleansed and of increased quality, this commodity is now being marketed like fine wines and reformulated to meet new needs.

Japan has helped to launch a trend in favout of iodine-rich aquatic beverages purported to deliver many medical benefits. Not only do they possess antioxidant properties, but they also help with recovery after physical exercise and help ward off cholesterol and allergic reactions.

Fortified with new minerals, plants and fruits, it’s being used to deep-moisturize, invigorate and purify as well as enhance one’s mood and emotions. Many fledgling brands are cropping up, buoyed by the healthy culture that had shunned sugar-sweetened drinks and preached the good word about detox.

The market offering is fast evolving as brands continue to bring out magic recipes for transforming this beverage into the quintessence of the healthy life. Products include ionized alkaline water (healthier and more oxygenated); birch water (detoxifying), maple water (energizing), silica-enriched bamboo water (for healthy looking, glowing skin) and rose water (known to be a mood enhancer).

Wild and the Moon in Paris has other benefits to offer. Hanae Zerrad notes that the activated carbon in Black Lemonade and Black Gold helps absorb toxins and is good for intestinal gas. Other selections on the menu are Simply Green, based on detoxifying green vegetables, and Tiger, a vitamin-rich sweet potato water with orange and curcuma (anti-inflammatory properties) for an extra boost.

In Amsterdam opened Whitestore, a pharmaceutical-concept shop selling vitamin drinks and water. Situated in the Red Light District is makes an interesting counterpart to the typical offer in that area. The founders thought it to be the perfect location, offering the best remedy for all the drinking and partying going on there.

But water is important not only as luxury healthy drink but also as a basic need for living. The number of projects to filter water and make it drinkable are also on the rise. The charity organisation “Water is life” helps communities to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene programs to save lives.

Water is precious, now and forever.


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