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The cosmetic line DOVE made headlines when they started their campaign for Real Beauty in 2004 where “real” women where featured instead of photoshopped models. More than ten years later Taryn Brumfitt made a documentary “Embrace” about the transformation of her body – from bodybuilder to an “everyday” physique. Her confession of how difficult it was


After smoothies, green tea and similar “magic” drinks, finally water has been “discovered” as the ultimate drink for health and beauty. Only logical, as the human body contains an average of 70% water. On the other side, we are living a life, where technical appliance as computers, heating, etc. are dehydrating us and therefore our


The word „conversation“ seems to be a relict of former times, with a nostalgic touch, the same as the two people on the black-and-white foto. However, conversation seems to become cool again, but as something special compared to online messages where emojis are replacing words. There is interesting literature about this topic. „The Art of


Thanks to urban hipsters beards have become fashionable again. And with the beards came along a growing business of the male grooming market, which sees more than $6 billion in sales annually, according to Euromonitor data. The phenomenon is easy to spot on social media, with Instagram and Twitter posts exploding with hirsute hashtags like


Cats are already the stars on youtube where worldwide 100 hours cat videos are uploaded every minute. Now a real life trend initiated in Asia is swapping over to Europe. The world’s first cat café, “Cat Flower Garden”, opened its doors in Taipei,Taiwan. The Taiwanese cat café eventually became a tourist destination, attracting tourists from Japan


Quality of life is a big topic and with growing cities and increased travelling, it becomes an always bigger challenge. Urban oases, hubs to where to escape, are an important component to find balance in our hectic lives. This aspect led to the SLEEP BOX created by Russian architecture firm Arch Group. This is a

vertical farming

Insung Tec, in Yongin/Korea, is operating the country’s first industrial vertical farm. The 165 square meter (1,776 square feet) factory floor has four seven-level plant beds. Green sprouts rise from each fluorescent-lit level. Vegetables such as kale, romaine and green lettuce, and basil grow here, where nutrients are fed into the soil through tubes. There is


In the age of the Internet, two minutes of doing nothing can feel like forever. Just try it with , the brainchild of Alex Tew. If you move your mouse or hit a key, you fail. He calls this “Detox from information overload”. His argument is that technology has taken away something from us. It