Thanks to urban hipsters beards have become fashionable again. And with the beards came along a growing business of the male grooming market, which sees more than $6 billion in sales annually, according to Euromonitor data.

The phenomenon is easy to spot on social media, with Instagram and Twitter posts exploding with hirsute hashtags like “#beardgang” and “beardgods” praising those with well-groomed beards — and mocking those without them. Surf those terms and you’ll likely discover a host of self-styled ‘beard models’ —

Dylan Yazel is one of those capitalizing on the hairy trend. The owner of Bearded Pleasures, a beard-grooming product company, thinks that the hairy and proud moment is here to stay. Bearded Pleasures has gone from an Instagram-based business to a fully established company.

But the beard stays not only as male symbol, but helps also to create a strictly male only domain with the barber shop. Where ever you look new barber shops are popping up, with cool retro styling creating an ambiance of the old times when “men were men”.

But male domains are not limited to barber shops only. is offering outdoor workshops and coaching specifically for men. Coaching and events with topics such as Lover Man, Leading Man, Purpose Man, Magic Man, Lucky Man are offered too. The companie’s credo is “from men, for men”.

With DMAX, a German TV channel specialised on male topics featuring adventures, documentaries, car specials, technology, etc. men can spend hours watching their dreams come alive on the screen. The webshop offers the matching products  for “real men”.

Women’s lib and the female emancipation have helped women to understand and discover who they are. In a rapidly changing world with changing roles, men have now started their discovery trip too.


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