It started all with gorilla gardening, when one had to plant in secret and maybe at night in order to put some green flair in grey cities. But now gardening has become cool and popular also in plain day light.

“GreenGym“, being already a big success in England is spreading over to Europe, starting in Hamburg, Germany.

It combines gymnastic with relaxation exercises and gardening in public spaces. The purpose behind is to do something good for yourself, the community and nature.

The British Conservation Volunteers (TCV) developed this program which has been taken over by the licenced partner “Heilende Stadt” in Germany. The offer is free of charge and takes place each Friday from 3-6 pm. Tools are provided.

Humans have an innate joy to be in contact with nature and with other humans. Apart from the physical benefits, the GreenGym program also proved to benefit mental health, boosting self-esteem and confidence through learning new skills. Working out in green spaces is also a great way to relieve stress and can help to combat depression.

That gardening has become a major lifestyle topic, shows also the concept store The Golden Rabbit in Duesseldorf, Germany. The owners Petra Wenzel and Werner Lippert worked for 15 years as museum directors at the NRW-Forum and curated fashion exhibitions with Galliano, Testino or Lindbergh. Inspired by their passion for gardening they are now offering clean-cut workwear from their private label “The Golden Rabbit”, staged with organic seeds, tools and books covering the latest about the green topic at their 100m2 store.

Gardening provides us with the opportunity to do something with our own hands as a contrast to the computerized task of our everyday work. It is an example of a positive change towards a future of a more ecologically aware urban life and a chance for people to actively participate in the shaping of the environment surrounding them. Leaving your marks in your living environment gives you a sense of belonging.

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  1. Johannes

    July 4, 2016 - 10:12 pm

    Wonderful thoughts about gardening, just as I experienced it with my own Urban gardening.
    Defintly gardening is a Way to heal the World, as also Vandana Shiva expressed it. Is this Green Gym also in Vienna already offered?

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