“It’s a dog’s world” – also online at Four & Sons. Ok, the website is actually for the dog owner, but all the topics of the worlds of art, photography, music or literature are inspired by the human’s best friend.

Pets in general and dogs in particular are playing an increasingly important role in our lives that no business wants to miss out. The current global turnover in the pet sector is estimated at $ 110 billion and predicted to increase to $ 128 billion in 2020. “Pet mania” (particularly in Asia) is linked to falling birth rates, a larger middle class with more disposable income, and urban loneliness.

The transport network UBER just launched in Singapore their special service UBERPET. It is the first city where pets as passengers are accepted when travelling with humans at a surcharge of $ 1.50.

But also in Europe “doggy” businesses are booming. An Austrian start up, the organic gourmet line “Dog’s love” is going international with great success. In Germany the Canine Resort, a luxury hotel for dogs, is offering them a well-deserved treat. And not only for holidays, but for everyday your dog can enjoy the pet collection from Karl Lagerfeld.

That’s what friends are for. 😉


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