„Get Lost“ is the latest adventure experience offered by travel company Black Tomato.

The travelers can chose between different types of environment (jungle, dessert or polar) and how lost and disconnected they want to be. The UK and US-based company sets up training sessions upon arrival, partnered with what3words to help guests reach specific checkpoints, and monitors each trip from a distance (only stepping in to help when necessary). Each guest experiences a deeply personal and indulgent reward at the end of the journey.

Especially travelling has become a very predictable activity by checking online all pictures of the location, accomodation and even comments of other travellers. Through Airbnb one can connect now also with locals to be their guide. Sure, all this is very convenient, but … humans still have this „discovery gene“, which gives one an incredible satisfaction when having completed and discovered something on your own.

There’s a new type of experience economy of what we call the „earned experience“, where people are reacting against the instantly available life we’ve come to expect day to day. They want to feel like they’ve achieved something.”

Luxury is about the uniqueness of the experience – the rarity of it all.


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