“Hometel” –  the combination of HOME and HOTEL – is having a great revival now. Originally popular in the 20ies in New York it has become a worldwide trend of living due to our nomadic lifestyle. Leading hoteliers are teaming up with real estate developers to offer “Hometels”, luxury residential properties  that enable the owners to profit from services previously reserved for hotel guests. 24-hour room service, a nanny, babysitting, room cleaning and shoeshine service are just some examples of this cooperation. Sure, because of the individual service, the price range is quite high. A “doorman-living” has its price.

But it is only the latest example how the way of living is now continuously changing thanks to the possibilities the digital world is offering. It can be even compared to the last major change created by the industrialization end of the 18th century. Before people used to work and live in the same place, with the whole family, generations together. The industrialization separated the two main parts as the work was located in a different place and therefore the living space became much smaller and different organised.

The digitalisation now is creating the next big change in how we live. Through airbnb homes are also used as hotels. Co-living is nowadays a popular and economic version of living not only for students. More new ways of living will develop for sure in the future.

Home is where your heart lives”.


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