Sure, now with Christmas approaching romantic films are more popular than ever. But also during the rest of the year romanticism is getting its fair share.

Romanticism is a counter-trend to the futuristic hero sceneries on the other side. Originally an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century and lasting till end of 19th century, the spirit from it has made a come-back.

In Fashion we see romantic dresses, flower prints and laces. The entertainment industry is making big success with television series such as the “Downtown Abbey”, “Outliner” or “Once upon a time”.

But even in business the values of romaticism are getting valued now. The business romantic society is a global collective of strategists, advertisers, curators, artists, developers, designers, researchers, and data scientists with the shared mission to bring beauty and enchantment to business. Membership in the Society is free and anonymous. You may receive an invitation or apply. Its founder Tim Leberecht suggests “Let’s put romance back in business” at this TED talk and at the Think Future Summit of Vitra Design.

The original period of Romanticism was characterized by its emphasis on emotion and individualism as well as glorification of all the past and the beauty of nature. Today this philosophy offers us an escape from tough times and frightening headlines. „Back to nature“ is also a relaxing alternative to our hectic everyday life.

Smartphones and artificial assistants are organising our complete life but at the same time they are eliminating the human aspects with all our dreams. (No, Siri or Alexa are no humans ;-)) To get this magic back in our lives the movement of romanticism recommends spontaneity.

Romantic feelings are a major feature what makes us different from robots. A good reason for being romantic.



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