An unpredictable future with continous change is driving people to look for new ways of dealing with the situation and life in generall. Philosophy is certainly not new but it’s transforming now from a science for a view specialists to becoming a mindset for a wider audience.

In 2008 philosopher Alain de Botton founded the SCHOOL OF LIFE in London and since then it’s spreading internationally with branches now in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Melbourne, Paris, São Paulo, Sydney, Seoul, Taipei and Tel Aviv.[The School offers a variety of programmes and services covering finding fulfilling work, mastering relationships, achieving calm, and understanding and changing the world.

Philosophy is also getting more wildly acknowledged as a way to motivate children to think in ways that will increase the meaningfulness of their lives and, as a consequence, help them see the importance of their own education. It also shows how the community of inquiry can be utilized for the reduction of violence in the classroom and for the improvement of the education of children at risk.

“Ce n’est qu’un debut” – This is just a beginning – is the title of a project made for two years in a kindergarden in Jacques Prévert à Le Mée-sur-Seine, France. Children aged from 3-5 years discussed during philosophy lessons, topics such as peace, authority, love, freedom, intelligence, death, difference, friendship, etc.. The aim of these lessons was not only to analyse these subjects but also to learn the appropriate techniques of communication by guiding them to express their opinions but also to learn to listen and accept other opinions.

This project has been supported also by UNESCO who has declared philosophy as an important component for children’s education and development.

The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom”. Let’s all be philosophers!


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