The Italian magazine IO DONNA is organising an event “canta che ti passa” (sing and everything will be fine).  The point is to support and enhance wellness through singing and art. Under the guidance of the soprano Madelyn Renee the participants use their voice to liberate and detox one’s psyche.

No experience is requested. It is not a singing lesson but a workshop of one hour to discover one’s own voice and overcome one’s shyness. Exercises of relaxation are part of it and fun at playing with noises. At the end all are singing together “New York, New York” the title of the exhibition in the gallery where this event takes place.

As our daily communication is often limited to voiceless messages,  reduced to sending just emojis, we need other occasions to find our voice again. Singing mantras as applied in eastern philosophies enjoys a growing popularity. And the success of X-factor shows also the fun people have in singing. But not just for fun, even scientifical studies have approved the importance and positive effects of singing.

“Be a voice, not an echo”.


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