With traditional advertising formats such as print, TV spots and web banners losing their impact and relevance, organizations must reframe marketing as a value-based relationship between consumers and brands.

Building a community is the perfect tool to create a bonding which goes beyond the product between brand and customer.

Lululemon, Canadian yoga fashion brand, is a applying this strategy already from their beginning. It’s even part of their philosophy. Every week, the stores and showrooms push their products aside, unroll yoga mats and turn their spaces into instant yoga studios. Classes are complimentary and lead by instructors from local studios.

Also ADIDAS is offering with runbase a space where clients can experience and actively live the way of fitness they are promoting with their collections. After Zuerich, Shanghai and Moscow, the latest runbase was opened this April in Berlin. A full package of not only the technical equipment and sport garments, but also alimentation advice and medical assistance is making everybody feeling part and taken care of the community.

But not only in sports, also in other areas, communities are the new customer relationship tool. CSA (community-supported agriculture) is an alternative, locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. A CSA also refers to a particular network who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

CSA members pay at the onset of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest. Afterwards they periodically receive shares of produce which they harvest themselves.


In times of solitaire spent time in front of the computer, this counter-movement is getting more and more popular. To be part of a group and experience a bonding with like-minded people is the best choice, for consumers as well as for brands.


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